Game Day Buffalo Soup

This healthy, grown-up version of Buffalo wings is delicious!  It is filling, spicy, and full of protein and fiber for lasting satisfaction and energy.  Garnished with freshly chopped celery and crumbled blue cheese, it is an absolute delight for even the hungriest of appetites.

Game Day Buffalo Soup

2lbs chicken breasts 2@ $3.44

2 cans great northern beans 2@ $0.77

1 jar buffalo wing sauce $1.75

1 stalk celery $1.14

1 small tub crumbled blue cheese $2.98

Pinch of salt

2 chicken bullion cube

2 cups water


Total cook time:  17 minutes

Price per serving:  $1.43

Serves 10

Cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces and saute in a large pan over medium heat.  While the chicken cooks, boil water and bullion cubes in large pot.  Place the beans and buffalo sauce into the blender and whiz until smooth and creamy.  Add the thickened mixture to the bullion in the pot and allow to simmer.  While the chicken finished cooking, wash and chop the celery into bite size portions.

When the chicken is thoroughly cooked and lightly browned, add to the soup base.  Allow to simmer until ready to serve.

Upon serving, top with fresh, chopped celery and a teaspoon of blue cheese crumbles.


Fiber; 5 grams per serving

Protein:  33 grams per serving

FOOD IS MEDICINE:  With the high protein and fiber this soup is a wonderful addition to your diet.  The hot spices have been shown to speed your metabolism and encourage a lot of water intake.

ADDITIONS:  To save time, this would be fantastic with rotisserie chicken.  To save money, you could also make this with canned chicken.  Adding rice can change this into a vegetarian meal.  You can add chopped raw carrots as a garnish to increase the crunch factor.


Bio:  Dr. Jennifer Hanes is a nationally recognized, board certified physician in Austin, Texas.  She has lost over seventy pounds, without pills or surgery, and outlines those secrets in her upcoming book, The Princess Plan (Nov 2012).  You can learn more at

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