How Puzzles can Improve Your Life. Really.

  Puzzles are underrated. The act of putting together a puzzle, can teach us so many important life lessons; from science to relationships.  Here’s how. Puzzles teach us about perspective. My daughter is a talented artist. For her, puzzles are a way to investigate the use of shadows and shading. We learn how what appears […]

Is Your House to Blame for Your Dry Skin?

Does removing your socks create snow?  You know, those dry skin flakes that accumulate during the winter months and become airborne when you take off your socks. The problem may not be your lotion, but rather your house. Here is the science of how to beat dry skin. Turn up the heat. If your home has […]

The Best Way to Have THAT Conversation About Santa

It is the Christmas dreaded by parents, and forever remembered by children, the year they are told that Santa is a lie. How could it not shake a person to the core to realize those around you have lied about him for years? But that tragedy can be turned into triumph with a simple paradigm […]

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